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Non Profit Associations

We offer affordable, fixed price audit services tailored to meet your needs. We have over 18 years experience auditing Non-Profit and Charitable associations from right across Australia and across many different interests including
(but not limited to):

• Licenced Service or Sporting Clubs with Poker Machines
• Service Organisations,
• School Parent & Citizens Associations (P & C)
   or Parent & Friends Associations (P & F)
• Churches & Religious Insititutions, and
• Registered Charities, to name just a few. 

Body Corporates Audit Services

We work with both Body Corporate Managers and with individual Body Corporates. Our Body Corporate Audit Fees are fixed price and affordable based on the size of your body corporate.

Trust Account Audit Services

We offer an affordable, tailored fixed price trust account audit solution for your business, no matter what industry you are in. We do not charge travel for our service and are able to work with all different trust account systems whether computerised or manual.

SMSF Audit Services

Michael has been auditing Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) for over 18 years and has worked with both Accountants, SMSF Administrators and Trustees to deliver an outstanding service.

We offer a complete SMSF audit solution at a fixed price of $495 including GST per annum. Our work is done 100% in-house and in Australia.   


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